Welcome To My FORTRESS!!!!!

What is up bros! My name's Karb. I'm from the Lakebloom tribe on the southeast quadrant of Verdalia, my home turf! If you wanna know a little bit about me, here you go! I was a support member of my Hunter team, which means that I used my sick pheremone powers to boost them in their time of need!!! I used to do lookout on the towers outside Lakebloom, but now I'm rolling with a new crew (I'll get to that!!!o8D) My biggest hobbies are:

  • Hitting the gym
  • playing electric guitar
  • collecting albums for my cassette player
  • Helping out my bros, and...
That's right!! Me!! Part of THE Astral Guard!! Crazy cool, right? I don't know how I managed to end up with the coolest, most prestigious crew this side of the astral highway, but I'm mega grateful! Now I hang out on their ship and we go on missions to stop bad dudes from taking over the system! How cool is that? o8D

Wasn't sure how all this website stuff worked, but two of my favorite dude-ettes (Coda and Astra!! Shoutouts to my little green bro) helped set this up for me. How rad is that? I'm gonna put some of my jam sessions and photos and a couple of album reviews up here if you're interested. I mean, there's WAY cooler members of the Astral Guard to check out!! But if you really wanna I'm happy to make this a cool slice of the starnet for you to cruise. Catch you later!

Testing out some image stuff to see if I can post them. Here's an old photo of me from when I was just starting out on the job!

Gonna see if I can make some new pages for this site. If it ends up breakin', sorry dudes!!!