Corved merc with a rating of GOLD DEPUTY from judges.

█.██.████: TARGET captured.
█.██.████: TARGET captured.
█.██.████: PLUMACORP. equipment protected.
█.██.████: THREE TARGETS captured.
█.██.████: TARGET captured.
█.██.████: TWO TARGETS captured.
█.██.████: TWO TARGETS captured. PLUMACORP corporate files recovered.
█.██.████: TARGET captured.
█.██.████: ████ ████████ escaped capture.
█.██.████: TARGET captured.

Evalynn Queens

Evalynn Queens is an accomplished bounty hunter and mercenary with over one hundred confirmed captures under her belt. She sustains the record for highest number of rioters and criminals captured in a month and is currently #2 in the PlumaCorp. Equipment Protection ratings. She is steadfast, to-the-point, and will have your problem under control in no time. Trust her and her trusty mech, the 'Heartbreaker', and you'll be back to swimming in spades and worry-free!


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