Welcome To My FORTRESS!!!!!

The shoutouts page!!! This is something we would do back home in our teams to boost morale and I thought it'd be sweet to have on up on the starnet as well. I'll add everyone soon! This site-building stuff is kind of hard!!!!


Axis Big shouts to Axis!! This week, he...

  • Healed me after I got shot by space pirates!
  • Helped me buy a new string for my guitar after it snapped!
  • Did a SICK flip and shattered his sword on top of a bounty hunter after us!
  • Most importantly...


Astra Shoutouts to Astra!! This week, she...

  • Didn't accidentally bite off one of my guitar strings (it's still ok, little dude!!!)
  • Helped me pick out the coolest pair of Saccharid Sunglasses at the rest stop!
  • Managed to take several laser blasts to the torso without flinching! Still not sure how she did that!
  • Best of all...
  • We let her run free in the mall and we didn't get security called on us!!! That's a huge leap!! Congrats little dude!!!


Voleric My man Voleric!! This week he...

  • Did the sickest freeze/fire/lightning combo I have EVER seen on a security robot!!
  • Didn't yell at Astra after she played her music a little too loud on Tuesday night! (Don't worry I get the urge too as well!!!)
  • Taught me how to redirect the momentum of an attacker's punch right into their face!!! Awesome!!
  • Most importantly...
  • We played together and he made it all the way through without cursing!!! Hell yeah, dude!


Sear Coolest crow in town, Sear!! This week, he...

  • Covered for me while I was throwing up honey unexpectedly during combat!
  • Intimidated a cop so hard he ran off without questioning us!
  • Literally sliced a robot in half with his metal claw!
  • Best of all...
  • This week, we only found ONE booby trap! In the fridge! That's progress, my dude!


Coda The world's smartest dude-ette! My favorite scientist...Coda! This week, she...

  • Reorganized the entire crew's budget after the failure of the outer ship thrusters!
  • Designed a new gadget that lets us talk to Grillith WAY faster when we're on missions!
  • Shattered an enemy's shield at record pace
  • Successfully made a new friend at the Fuel n' Drool Diner and made eye contact the whole time!
  • Most importantly...
  • She told an absolutely hilarious joke at dinner on Thursday!! A serious gutbuster, dude! You're doing great!


Grillith Our star mechanic!! Grillith!!! This week, she...

  • Negotiated for ship parts that we couldn't buy otherwise!
  • Fixed the weird smell in the vents! Still not sure where that came from.
  • Cussed out a space pirate so hard they just left instead of raiding us!
  • Most impressively...
  • She made a decoy pullocite battery for Astra to chew on! It looks just like the real thing!


Chlo The best chef in the system!!! This week, she...

  • Prepared an enourmous dinner for all of us!
  • Traded some recipes for some supplies for our mission!
  • Found some meals from Eremane to cook for Axis!
  • Convinced Astra to not gnaw on her new cooking tools successfully!
  • Best of all...
  • She managed to convince Sear to sing karaoke with all of us at the rest stop! Thanks a bunch, dude!