Welcome! Good to have you! d=^v^=b

Hey everybody! My name's Axis Catchroot! I'm from Agrevale, a small village in the Manelane region of Felo! I'm a little new to this whole thing (I've never even heard of the starnet!) but I'm really excited to make a web journal! Or, that's what it seems like to me. Coda told me it's kind of like making a digital shrine, which is really cool! Usually shrines are reserved for big important figures, but I guess it can't hurt to make something for myself once in a while!

I suppose I should talk a little bit about myself!

I'm the current captain of the Astral Guard! If you ever need help, call on us!

I love gardening! I really like using my verdantry to make pretty flower arrangements quickly, but I think there's something about letting plants grow over time that I find really satisfying. You can check out my plants in the link bar!

I am a trained caravan wayfinder! My mentor Aubernie taught me everything I know. I'm quite good with a sunblade! As it turns out, that ends up being quite the useful skill when you're the captain of the guard, haha! d=^v^=b

Those gadgets around my ears are hearing aids! Cadence of the Astral Guard gave them to me, and I can't thank her enough. My ears are lower down on my head compared to other lin, so I can't hear very well unless I have them on. I've had these things for over a decade!

This is my first time being on a ship, ever! My village wasn't too fond of technology, so all this space stuff is quite new!

However, I'm a HUGE fan of space! I know a ton about astral highways and star travel and other things! I used to trade for books on the subject with the caravans I would help out. Still, nothing beats being with the real thing!

Here's a nice picture of me on a picnic!