Welcome! Good to have you! d=^v^=b

Just some thoughts I thought I'd write down! Coda told me about the importance of writing down my thoughts to no one in particular. She's really smart and I think it's kind of fun, so it can't hurt. Sear told me to be careful about writing exact dates. I think he's being a little overly cautious, but that's alright, I understand! I'm pretty sure this page is private? I'm still new to website editing.

Log 1

Rearranged my room a bit today. At the rest stop we bought some supplies for our trip. I met another Lin from Manelan while I was in the line to pay for some snacks! We ended up chatting for a bit about what it was like growing up in such a reserved part of the system. They were really nice. I never got their name, though! They had to rush to catch their startrain. If I ever see them again, I'll make sure to get their name the next time!

Log 2

Hung out with Astra in the morning. She showed me a bunch of new characters she made! I didn't quite understand all the things she was saying, but she seemed happy, so I had a greaat time listening. Coda set up the drawing tablet that Voleric got for her and she's really going wild with it. How cool! We're currently stopped for a bit while Grillith fixes the left thruster. We got attacked by some ship raiders while we were dipping into wild space. We made it out just fine, but Grillith talked us into staying at this outpost for a little while. Luckily, there's lots to do, but I get nervous not traveling sometimes. Staying in one place too long feels too familiar.

Log 3

Ended up having a big group dinner with the crew! We went into the outpost and shopped for groceries for a while. I picked up some drinks for Grillith. I remember Chlo was poking fun at her for drinking the same stuff over and over. She says that it's reliable, and I can't fault her for that, but I'm always ready to help people try new experiences! Here's the verdict:

Log 4

Today Chlo made Heartroot Stew, which is a favorite meal of mine. I got a little emotional at it; I haven't had it since I left Felo..! Makes me happy, though. It's nice to have little things to connect back to home.

Log 5

Helped Gub clean out the storage room. He insisted that he could do it himself, but I really hate seeing him be the only one working on cleaning the ship. I feel so bad! We ended up chatting about charmmaking for almost an entire hour! I find that stuff really fascinating. I didn't use charms much in my wayfinder days, but after starting up the Astral Guard again, I use them every time I'm out and about. They really are a huge help. Gub's apparently worked on them ever since he got his body unit! Later on me and Sear watched a show in the lounge. He was chatting up the holotape store owner and apparently they really hit it off, so they let him borrow a couple tapes as long as he brought them back before we left. It was incredible! I haven't had the chance to sit down and enjoy a holotape until now. We didn't have them at all in Agrevale; the closest thing we had to entertainment like this was the plays at church, I guess? They're really not all that similar, but it's the closest point of reference I have! The "camera" moving around as much as it did kind of made me sick, but I think that's how all movies are made, so I guess I'll just have to get used to it if I wanna watch more. And I do!! I get why Karb loves these things.

Log 6

Me and Voleric and Coda all went to see a show together. After the holotape session with Sear I really couldn't resist! It was a play called The Jester of Calligary, which is apparently based on a traditional story from...gosh, I think somewhere on Lucidite? Not the part where Voleric's from, though. He talked about it a bit but I was too occupied with the actual play to really process all of it. I got to chat with one of the actors after it was done. He thought my hearing aids looked cool! He thought that it was part of a costume, but when I told him his face lit up. I'm not sure why, but it always surprises me when people think my aids are cool. It's just not something I'm used to. I ended up hanging out in Karb's room with him and Voleric and I almost fell asleep while they were playing music together! Guess I'm sleepier than I thought.

Log 7

We're back on the highway today, and I was manning the helm for most of it. We take shifts usually, but something about the highway today really captivated me. I think it was all the ships out today - so many people moving back and forth that I'll never know. I just get a glimpse of them and then we're off. I tried to remember everyone I could back in Manelan, but now that I'm meeting new people every day, it's not really something I can keep up. Still, getting to know all these new people is really...I dunno, something! It's nice. I'm used to knowing the same handful of neighbors so its a big shock meeting all these strangers all the time. I wonder if they're on missions like ours? I ended up taking a big nap after we got the chance to shift to autopilot. Guess I'm still a little sleepy.

Log 8

Astra talked to me about her characters again! She's getting really good at art, actually. Check out this picture of her she drew herself!

I should definitely try drawing again. I used to do a lot of it before I left home, but I've been so busy I haven't really even given it thought. I guess I'll ask Astra if she wants to draw together sometime. I think that'd be really fun! Plus, she can tell me more about the characters she's made.

Log 9

Bit of an argument between Voleric and Astra again. Voleric ended up angrily telling Astra to stop playing her music while he's trying to meditate, or at least wear headphones. Astra said that she kind of hates how headphones feel, and also she doesn't have ears. I asked Coda if she had any idea on how to find a way for Astra to play music quietly so Voleric doesn't get mad, and she came back in an hour with some sort of headphone set that goes on your temples instead of over your ears! Astra really liked them. I'm really happy we found a solution since Voleric gets (understandbly) frustrated about it a lot. (Although, to be honest, if Astra's playing music too loud, I just take out my hearing aids!) d=^v^=b